One Divided By Four

Alright, let’s get all that pessimism from the Excuses posts behind us and talk positivity; specifically, a Positive Progress Post!

*confetti falls, bells ring, someone screams a Wilhelm scream*

As of the time of this writing, I am officially at the one-quarter mark of my BIP’s manuscript. This is fantabulous and amazeballs, all rolled together in one perfect little pita pocket. Thinking back to that unassuming handwritten outline I began in June of 2008, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say I never thought I’d take it even this far.

Hilariously, all this means for me is 287 pages and 11 chapters and change. But each of those numbers is greater than it was this time a year ago. Progress, people, progress!

Moving forward, I really want to pick up the pace. If you remember clearly, the initial goal I set for myself way back in January was to have a manuscript done by December of this year.

Well, no.

Change in plans. Things happen, excuses get made and cataloged, and we all move on. In my case, a new goal may be necessary. Now, considering how long it took me to get to twenty-five percent, I’m going to need one hell of an extension if I wish to remain realistic. However, on the other hand, the majority of what I’ve written so far has served as setting, laying the groundwork, characterizing no fewer than a dozen individuals. From here on, the action will increase and the writing should ooze out just a little more rapidly.

For purposes of accountability, which I’ve asked you for before, we’ll set the date for the end of August 2013, leaning toward being done much, much earlier.

Again, I ask you: Think I have it in me?

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